MCD’s 2022 Holiday Piece – A Desktop Calendar for ’23

MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar
Introducing MCD’s 2022 Holiday piece! We have once again stepped away from the traditional holiday card format, choosing to showcase our capabilities with a 13 page desktop calendar. Each page features different finishes, creating an eye-catching and tactile experience throughout the year. Read below for a description of each month (all the puns + cheesiness intended!) and the finishes used.

Concept: MCD, Inc.
Design: Flying Giraffe Studios
Page stock: Neenah Classic Crest, Solar White #110
Copper and brass dies: Metal Magic and H+M Kurz
Easel base stock: Spectro C1S, 24pt
Binding: Omnipress

Calendar Cover
The cover page offers our holiday greeting and welcomes in the new year with elegantly hung ornaments, foil stamped in three colors and a multi-level emboss that brings a delightful depth to this festive scene.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - Cover Page
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 365, Kurz 156 S, Kurz 425 + multi-level emboss various areas

The chill that leaves Jack Frost on window panes and the dark blue winter cold nipping at your nose.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - January
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz Reflex AL + Kurz 302

The color of love and the month of lovers. Even the daintiest heart leaves quite the impression.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - February
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 314 + multi-level register emboss (round beveled)

Gray month, holding fast to the doldrums of winter. The winds of March are persistent, pressing deep.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - March
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 362 + burnished deboss

April rain feels icy blue, it refreshes and cleans, making things look shiny and new.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - April
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 361, foil emboss with texture (H+M Kurz pattern H130) + raised spot gloss UV

The color purple has an uplifting effect, encouraging growth. Each unique petal creatively climbs, seeking and reaching, bursting to life.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - May
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 360 + double etch combo die also in Kurz 360 (etched die patterns H+M Kurz M002-002 + M615-001)

Warm mornings bring delicate dew drops, resting on the lush green of vegetation. The first days of Summer have finally arrived.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - June
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 365 + raised spot gloss UV in circle pattern

Red for courage. Blue for justice. White for innocence. (We may have gone a little heavy on the stars though.)
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - July
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 314, Kurz 302, API Snowgloss White + register emboss (sculpted/chiseled)

Oh the joy of sipping the August sun while hearing soft scalloped waves gently lapping at summer green shores.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - August
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 28835 + 3D emboss texture (Metal Magic pattern MM632E)

A time of transition, the month of harvest carves paths in fields turned gold with time.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - September
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 425 + multi-level deboss

Keeping time with the growing dark and feeling slumber creeping, the trees put forth a fiery blaze, entangled within the month’s magic.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - October
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 362 + foil emboss with texture (H+M Kurz pattern H617-001) in Kurz 404

The warm glow of thankfulness surrounds like a hug and the world begins to nestle into the golden glow of the coming season.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - November
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz 317 + foil deboss in Kurz 425

Nothing shines quite like the holidays and this holographic foil reminds us of round baubles reflecting the lights on the tree, while snowflakes quietly fall all around.
MCD 2023 Desktop Calendar - December
Finishes: Flat foil stamp in Kurz Round AL,  Kurz 156 S, single level register emboss (larger snowflakes) + sculpted register emboss (D)

Enjoy this video of our calendar!