Direct Mail Products

MCD builds brands. Just look in your mailbox or on a store shelf for proof. Because we’re passionate about adding value, our innovations are free to share. Empower your clients with increased return on investment. Our creative CAD department combines its expertise with fully automated folding and gluing to create solutions. As a result, we eliminate multiple passes and manual processes, ensuring a high-impact and cost-effective result.

Interested in obtaining die lines, layouts or need help with creating a custom solution? Feel free to reach out, 608.268.3724 or


Do you need a direct mail game changer? Look no further than MCD’s fully automated line of telescoping sliders. Just place your artwork on one of our die lines and we’ll take care of the printing, die cutting and assembly. There’s plenty of real estate to work with as you can choose from our one, two, or three pull designs. Full automation equals cost savings for you.

  • Full assembly automation
  • One, two and three pull-out designs
  • Add foil stamping, embossing or specialty UV coatings to increase rate of return

Iron Cross  

Iron cross pieces are cool. How about amping that idea up with an internal iron cross? This unique direct mailer packs a big punch with five panels inside plus the cover. You provide the artwork and then we’ll have it printed, die cut and machine assembled.

  • Nine sides for copy and artwork
  • Back panel for mailing data
  • Fully automated assembly
  • USPS mailing approved

Perpetual Fold

Folding and gluing at its finest. This machine assembled direct mail piece is perfect for just about any project. How easy can it be? Just customize artwork to your liking and we’ll take it from there. Add foil stamping or UV coatings for extra pop.

  • Fully automated assembly
  • Rectangular and square shapes
  • Suitable for all marketing campaigns