Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is applying foil with the use of heat and pressure to various substrates, such as paper and plastic. Foil stamping can be either flat stamped (in which the foil adheres flat on the sheet), or foil embossed—combing the raising or embossing of an image with the addition of foil. This can also be called hot stamping, which is the application of foil with the use of heat.

From holographic to pigmented foils, we are specialists when it comes to helping your brand rise above the rest. Foil stamping helps brands shine on the store shelves and in the mailbox. Our diverse range of equipment enables us to apply foil to nearly every substrate you can imagine, even plastic and static cling. Foil stamping can be a challenging process, but you can trust us to ensure your brand looks its best.

  • Hologram capabilities
  • From fine type to large stock
  • Over-printable and refractive foil stamping
  • Metallic, holographic and pigmented options
  • Combination stamping (foil and emboss)
  • Extensive experience with all major plastic and thin substrates

As of January 1, 2021, MCD will store all customer tooling for a period of six years of no activity. At that time, tooling will be purged.