Die Cutting

Die cutting is the piercing of paper or other substrates (i.e. plastic, board stock, foam core) with a knife-edge steel rule blade. These can be straight single cuts, slots, holes or various other shapes and configurations. This process is done using a steel rule die which usually is made with 1/32″ thick steel rule blades (or rules), cut and bent to specific patterns and mounted in a wooden base. To accomplish die cutting, the press exerts enough pressure so that the cutting die forces itself into the stock creating a cutting impression.

When precision counts, clients choose MCD for all of their die cutting needs. From intricate shapes to challenging substrates, we transform a flat sheet into a dimensional piece of art. Consequently, all of our processes are fully automated to generate the very best results.

  • Nine presses up to 49.5″
  • Five cylinder presses up to 35″
  • Automated scrapping and part removal
  • Inline packing
  • Surface cutting, thermal cutting, perforating and scoring
  • Extensive experience with plastic substrates

As of January 1, 2021, MCD will store all customer tooling for a period of six years of no activity. At that time, tooling will be purged.