External Referral Program

Adding great people to our team is critical for MCD to maintain our high-quality results.  MCD is looking to grow our team in key areas of the business.

The External Referral Program offers a one-time payment to unaffiliated persons (as defined solely by MCD) to help attract and hire the best people in the industry.  Persons who refer a candidate that is hired by MCD may be eligible for a referral fee $2000.00. 

Details on who is eligible for a referral fee is below and see our current job openings here: 
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How Does the External Referral Program Work?

The External Referring Party

  • Must be an individual person (not a business entity) and a legal resident of the U.S. who is at least 18 years old.
  • Cannot be associated or affiliated with a staffing/recruiting agency.
  • Cannot refer yourself.
  • Must complete the MCD external referral form (below) and provide any other documentation or information to MCD as requested.
  • Must not make any representations or warranties on behalf of MCD, Inc.

The Referral Candidate

  • Must be an external candidate (not currently employed by MCD, Inc.).
  • Cannot be a former MCD employee or an applicant to MCD in the past 12 months.
  • Is not a temporary employee, seasonal employee, intern or independent contractor affiliated with MCD.
  • Will be considered a valid referral for a 12-month period.

Payment Terms

If you are eligible to participate in the External Referral Program, MCD will pay you a referral payment in the amount of $2000 if your referral results in a successful regular full-time hire and the referred employee:

  • Completes 30 days of continuous, active employment with MCD, which will result in payment of $1000 (half of the referral fee).
  • Completes 90 days of continuous, active employment with MCD, which will result in payment of the remaining $1000 of the referral fee.
  • Is still employed by MCD and in good standing at the times the external referral fee is to be paid.

The referral fee payment is at the sole discretion of MCD, Inc. In the event of a duplicate or competing submission, payment will be made for the first referral received by MCD, Inc.

You must complete and return IRS Form W-9 (and any other documentation MCD may require) to receive the referral fee.  This form will be supplied to you by MCD, Inc. once your referred candidate has started employment with MCD.  Payments will be made by check and in accordance with IRS guidelines you will receive a 1099 for the year in which the payment was made.

You agree that MCD, Inc. may modify or terminate the external referral program at its sole discretion and without notice.  You agree that you are responsible for any taxes imposed upon the referral fee paid to you by MCD, Inc. and you will comply with all applicable laws or regulations.  You agree that in the event of any dispute between you and MCD, Inc. with respect to a referral fee, that the decision of MCD shall be final.

To make a referral, please contact MCD’s Human Resources department: hr@mcd.net