MCD’s 2021 Holiday Card

MCD would like to present our 2021 Holiday Card! This year’s card has three panels, with a tape lined tab and easily assembles into an eye-catching vertical piece.

  • Season’s Greetings panel has a beautiful stained glass design, foil stamped in four colors!
  • Our Most Sincere Thanks panel with our new 50th anniversary logo, which was done with a combination foil and emboss die. This die has four different embossing effects, including: micro-embossed pattern, textured emboss, and a raised-flat and raised-round relief.
  • The 2022 Calendar panel with a whimsical pattern in three foils, makes a great desktop piece for the year.

Concept: MCD, Inc.

Card and Logo Design: Flying Giraffe Studio

Kurz Foil:
Gold – Kurz Luxor® 428
Silver – Kurz ALUFIN® 156 S
Holographic – Kurz LIGHT LINE® SB Reflex AL
Black – Kurz 362

Anniversary logo combination foil/emboss die: H+M, a Kurz Company

Other foil dies: Metal Magic