MCD’s 2023 Holiday Project – A 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our 2023 Holiday piece. This year we have chosen to combine the look and feel of a traditional gift box (With a Bow!) and an Advent Calendar style gift. We wanted to showcase our wide range of capabilities with this project. From Laminate, Die-Cutting, Embossing, UV Coating, to the Multiple Foil applications.

Concept: MCD, Inc.
Page stock: Midland Paper White 14 pt., Spectro C1S Cover
Copper and brass dies: Metal Magic and Milwaukee Steel Rule Dies
Laminate: Nobelus
Printing: American Printing Co.




Box Details

Both the outer and inner box pieces are laminated with 1.1 mil Mirror Metalized Laminate. This was then followed up with 5 different foil colors. (Green, Gold, Red, Blue, and Black). Our snowflakes may look like a white foil but they are pure UV coating. The combination of the laminate and the UV create a great visual effect along with just a hint of tactile feedback as you run your fingers over the surface.

Belly Bands

Our Belly Bands in this case are the Bow that wraps your gift and the name tag as well. The bands are a bright Christmas Red with a very smooth and shiny coating on the embossed bow! The combination of the two separate bands provide the perfect look of a beautifully wrapped gift box.

The Goodies Inside

Let’s not forget the goodies! We made sure to hide three different choices of chocolate in there for you. If you love chocolate just imagine when we got a whole skid of the stuff delivered for this project.