Folding & Gluing Automation

Here we fold (and glue!) again! Just another diecut, score, perf, scrap, fold & glue job. A basic cover with a capacity pocket, featuring a perforated v-split gusset is pretty easy, right? Except, this job was fully AUTOMATED! Yup, no …

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Make your next direct mail piece pop — with a custom shaped pop-up! Create an unexpected and unique experience, one your recipients will remember.

It’s Automated – Folding & Gluing Creations

We automatically think “automated” when it comes to direct mail and invitations.

Connect Directly

MCD Innovations Deliver Results Direct mail campaigns have quicker and higher response rates than digital alone. Brands that combine direct mail and digital channels can expect a double-digit uplift in conversion. MCD is the leader in folding, gluing and inserting automation. …